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The extremely humid day brought some mid afternoon's torrential rain which magically blew away just minutes before Chelsea walked down the aisle.

I feel very lucky to have not only photographed Jeremy & Chelsea's wedding, but to have gotten to know them both. They are wonderful people and a joy to be around.

I hope looking at these images makes your day just a little brighter!




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Haileigh + Aurelio Wedding https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2019/5/haileigh-aurelio-wedding Sometimes there are days where everything just feels right! The weather is lovely. The people are kind. The ceremony is touching. The location is perfect. Haileigh + Aurelio's fall wedding is one of those days and I was so thrilled to be part of their amazing day.

Picking favourites from a day like this feels impossible; so many hearty laughs, beautiful settings, perfect details. Please enjoy just a few of my many favorites below! The color, the happiness, the fun… honestly couldn’t ask for more.

What a joyeous day and many blessings on the coming years to Mr. & Mrs. G! xoxo


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Chelsea + Jeremy Engagement https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2019/4/chelsea-jeremy-engagement Chelsea and Jeremy are such a fun and adorable couple.  On a chilly, crispy, partly cloudy fall day we set out to do their engagement session which they were such great sports. I just loved how their furry baby, Chase, kept them warm for some of the shots!

Thank you Jeremy & Chelsea for choosing Timeless Photography to capture your engagement. Both of you made my job super easy and I'm super excited to photograph your upcoming wedding!

For now I'm super delighted to share their engagement images :D




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Haileigh + Aurelio Engagement https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2018/9/haileigh-aurelio-engagement I absolutely enjoyed capturing Haileigh and Aurelio's engagement portraits at Jackson Park! They are one beautiful, charismatic, caring and loving couple- truly a match made in heaven!

They met while working midnights at a grocery store. Fast forward 2 years later to their first date of baking cookies, watching the Terminator and have been inseparable ever since.

One thing you must know about Haileigh is that Christmas is her favourite time of the year.  She loves all the decorations, the trees with their beautiful lights and glitter during this festive season. So it's not surprising that Aurelio would choose this time of the year to propose.

The setting was a winter wonderland. Aurelio was a little nervous, a bit emotional, when he fumbled in his jacket looking for something.  He finally finds what he's looking for and pulls a beautiful engagement ring inside a sandwich baggie (Haileigh still has no idea why it was in there) and asks her to marry him and of course she said YES!!

I`m so excited to capture their beautiful wedding day this fall ♥



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Melissa + Mario Wedding https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2017/4/melissa-mario-wedding Melissa & Mario chose the perfect day to get married.  Their whole day was easy going, fun and light-hearted. Mario was extremely fun, quirky and always the jokester around with his two brothers and  Melissa in every moment of the day was visibly, genuinely happy! They were completely relaxed, happy and living in the moment all day long. 

Mario & Melissa thank you for being the ideal client and couple.  I cannot express how much I enjoyed capturing your beautiful day and I wish you much love and happiness on your new journey as husband and wife.


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Aliyah's Quinceañera https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2017/3/aliyahs-quincea-era The day that Aliyah had been eagerly anticipating finally was here. The quinceañera she had always dreamed of as a little girl is now a reality.

Quinceañeras are very symbolic in my Latin culture, as it symbolizes a little girl transitioning from childhood to a young adult.

I was thrilled to be capturing Aliyah in her stunning dress looking as beautiful as ever, surrounded by her family and closest friends.  She is a great example of a mature young lady who has many great achievements coming her way.

Happy sweet 15th Aliyah and congratulations in this beautiful stage of your life!


[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2017/3/aliyahs-quincea-era Sat, 11 Mar 2017 04:07:13 GMT
Jackie + Marco Wedding https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2016/11/jackie-marco-wedding It was a day to remember.  A day that both Jackie and Marco were blessed to share with family and friends.  I don't think I have ever met a couple that had endured so much months before their wedding day.  The love that swirled around them from family and friends was so strong and beautiful.

Jackie, you are such a beautiful person and you looked absolutely stunning in your wedding dress, Marco could not keep his eyes (and hands) away from you! Marco looked quite dapper too!

It was such a lovely day with not a cloud in the sky; Marco's guardian angel, I'm sure had something to do with that.  His dad would of been extremely proud to see his son marrying the girl of his dreams.

The warm ceremony at St. Angela Merici Church to Jackson Park for the wedding portraits to the Ciociaro Club for the fun filled reception,  truly a day to cherish for many years to come.

I am absolutely thrilled for this sweet couple and I wish them a lifetime of happiness.  I am truly honoured to have documented the beginning of your forever.. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Verro!


[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) Top Windsor Photographer Top Windsor Wedding Photographer Top Windsor Wedding Photography Wedding Windsor Photographer https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2016/11/jackie-marco-wedding Sun, 20 Nov 2016 23:24:54 GMT
Melissa & Mario "Together Forever" Engagement Session https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2016/5/melissa-mario-engagement-session Melissa & Mario's love story began when two strangers met on a hot summer day in July 2013.  Mario thanked his lucky stars that he had decided to go across the border for Mexican food that evening with friends. The Mexican Town restaurant was packed with many Canadian patrons that evening since they were featuring "Canadian-at-par".  Mario got a glimpse of this beautiful girl who kept smiling at him every time he looked her way. He finally got the courage to go and talk to her and maybe be fortunate enough to get her number.

Fast forward 2 years of a committed long distance relationship.  Because of their love for superhero's and fairy tale endings, the couple planned a super romantic vacation to Disney World. Mario knew that the happiest place on earth would be the perfect place to propose to his soul mate. On July 23rd, 2015, after a magical dinner at Cinderella's Castle, a dome plate was placed in front of Melissa and inside was a glass slipper covered in rose pedals that said "Together Forever".  The excitement from the table beside them erupted when they realized that Melissa was being proposed to. The cheers, the clapping, the happiness, filled the room when Mario got down on one knee and ask the girl of his dream's to be his wife.

For the engagement session, we knew that it had to take place at this iconic landmark that literally represents the bond between two countries, two people and one love. I love capturing the sweet moments between you two, you forgot I was around you and you had eyes only for one another.

Melissa & Mario, thank you for spending the afternoon with me.  It was an awesome time to get to know you a little more, to spend a few hours wandering and finding the beautiful light and to document this special moment in your engagement!

Can't wait for their wedding this July!




[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) Top Windsor Photographer Top Windsor Wedding Photographer Top Windsor Wedding Photography Wedding Windsor Photographer https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2016/5/melissa-mario-engagement-session Tue, 17 May 2016 21:36:10 GMT
Violeta + Justin Wedding https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/9/violeta-justin-wedding Violeta and Justin are two beautiful people but together make one stunning couple. 

From the moment we first met, I just clicked with both of them and felt so at ease. Documenting their love was been pretty easy since its so obvious that they only have eyes for one another. I was just so happy to be part of this happy love story and to truly capture it.

It's been such a pleasure to work with both of them- from last year's fall engagement session to now capturing their big day.  I must say collaborating with both of them has been so incredibly wonderful with many laughs and good times.

Justin your "Bulgarian Princess" looked absolutely breath-taking!  I hope when both of you look back at these images you will reminded of the spectacular and special day it was!

My wish for your life together is to be filled with joy, happiness and lots of love!



[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) Top Windsor Photographer Top Windsor Wedding Photographer Top Windsor Wedding Photography Wedding Windsor Photographer https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/9/violeta-justin-wedding Tue, 15 Sep 2015 13:50:16 GMT
Sheri + Dave Wedding https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/6/sheri-dave-wedding Sheri & Dave's wedding day was a beautiful and joyeous celebration of love.  They exchanged vows at the welcoming St. Andrews Church in Harrow with Rev. John Forbes officiating his first wedding, which I must say he did a phenomenal job! We then headed to downtown Windsor Riverside front gardens for their portraits and then to their reception which was held at the Serbian Centre.

Both bride and groom looked gorgeous and it was such a fun, relaxing and emotional day. I could tell Mr. & Mrs. Thibault were enjoying every moment of their special day because they were sharing this happiness with family and friends.

Sheri & Dave, thank you for letting me part of your special day and to capture the special love you have for one another. It was truly a lovely day and I'm so very happy to share some of your beautiful images with everyone.








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Nikki 7th https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/6/Nikki-7th Let me introduce you to the most lovable, gentle and precious being in the whole wide world- Ms. Nikki Tejada Somarriba. Today we are celebrating her 7 years on this earth!

I never thought that having a furry kid could bring so much joy to our life's and home.  Since Nikki arrived into our home at 2 months old, she has totally completed our family!  I love how she constantly lives in the moment and gets super excited to see us, even if we were gone for a few minutes.  She's constantly showing affection to everyone she meets and greets, she's a total angel!  

This is my first time doing a birthday session for her, so what better way to celebrate than with a birthday cake smash session! I just love her facial expressions, she's like "Really, mom?" - I know Nikki, how could I.. but I just couldn't resist :) 

I love you so much Nikki and thank you for your unconditional love. Happy birthday my cutie pattotie!

Also a huge shout-out to Nicole from Candid K Nines for the delicious cake and treats- Nikki says thank you :P



[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) Pet Photography Top Windsor Photographer Windsor Photographer https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/6/Nikki-7th Fri, 05 Jun 2015 04:11:33 GMT
Raydein Maternity Session https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/5/raydein-maternity-session Let me tell you a little about our couple Raydein and Ara. I was stunned to find out they have known each other since grade school and now are expecting their first baby.  We could not have asked for a more gorgeous warm, bright, sunny day at Jackson park for our session.

This radiating mama-to-be is patiently waiting for her little boy to arrive this June and I am super excited to meet him and also do his newborn session!  

I don't know if I had said this before but maternity sessions are one of my favourite sessions to do because there is something so special about capturing the love between two people and anticipating the safe arrival of their new bundle of joy!

I think Raydein looked super lovely and Ara you looked super cool and relaxed! Thank you for trusting me to capture this wonderful milestone in both your lives. Hope you enjoyed our time together cause I sure did! 




[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) Baby Photography Maternity Photography Mommy to be Photography Newborn Top Windsor Photographer https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/5/raydein-maternity-session Mon, 25 May 2015 15:10:04 GMT
Jodie's Quinceañera https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/4/jodies-quincea-era You might be asking yourself what is a "Quinceañera"?

In the Latin community is a celebration of the coming-of-age on a girl's 15th birthday- the transition from a little girl to a young lady.  It is an extremely happy occasion for the young girl since she gets to wear a gorgeous gown, a shiny tiara, high heel shoes and gets to celebrate with her closest friends, but its a bit more emotional for her parents because they know that their little girl is growing up!

I had the great pleasure to capture this joyous occasion for the Sequeira's!  Jodie is an extremely sweet girl, talented soccer player and  caring of her many friends and family. Her parents should be very proud of raising an outstanding young lady!!

Here are a few photos from this amazing event and thank you Sequeira family for letting me be part of your lovely day!



[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) Event Photography Quinceanera Top Windsor Photographer Windsor Family Photography https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/4/jodies-quincea-era Thu, 30 Apr 2015 20:56:20 GMT
Vintage Style Shoot https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/4/vintage-style-shoot This project has been a passion of mine to do for some time now and I am so thankful that it finally happened! 

This 50's inspired style vintage shoot would not have happened without the help of so many people- models, hair and make-up artists, locations and of course wardrobe.

I cannot thank enough my gorgeous models: Adriana Somarriba, Kristen Melo and Maegan Miklas for their time and inspiration.

Stylist Roxana Noade from Halo Hair Design & Spa for the stunning hair styles of each of the models and truly achieving the look I was going for!

Make-up artist Jess Melo for your time and your remarkable talent with each of the models- they looked so beautiful.

Thank you to both ladies Jane and Sandra from Penny Jane's Vintage who help in picking out outfits for models.

Thank you to Happy Days Dinner for allowing me access to their restaurant and Willistead Manor.

And lastly my assistant, my one of kind hubby who brings the best in me.. thank you love! :)

I cannot wait for my next inspired shoot!




[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) Senior Photography Top Windsor Photographer Vintage Shoot Vintage Style Windsor Photographer https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/4/vintage-style-shoot Fri, 10 Apr 2015 19:21:52 GMT
Beautiful Belly and Baby Belen https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/3/beautiful-belly-and-baby-belen I've been slacking so much lately and I must apologize to my clients Dahian & Luis for not sharing their maternity and newborn session on my blog a lot sooner 😱.

They are such an amazing & sweet couple and I feel extremely honoured to be their "family photographer" as well as calling them my friends!

Here are a few pictures from their maternity shoot done in September!

Now fast forward a couple months later and baby Belen Marie made her debut 3 days before Christmas!  

I have to say, sweet little Belen was such a pleasure to photograph, she pretty much slept through the entire shoot.. what a joy she was!  I was so thrilled to have captured her at only 8 days old and I hope her family enjoys her newborn pictures for years to come!

Welcome sweet little Belen Marie to this world, it is so much better because you are in it!


[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) Baby Photography Family Photography Maternity Photography Mommy to be Photography Newborn https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/3/beautiful-belly-and-baby-belen Thu, 26 Mar 2015 17:54:34 GMT
Sheri + Dave Winter Engagement https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/3/sheri-dave-winter-engagement Oh what great fun and exciting winter outdoor engagement shoot this was! 

Since Dave had proposed to Sheri at the 2014 NHL Winter Classic, what better way then to capture their engagement session in a cold winter day just like the day he proposed.  Both Dave and Sheri were incredible troopers and I was super delighted since I hadn't done a winter engagement shoot before!

Dave was a bit nervous with the shoot but as you will see, the camera just loved him (and Sheri too of course!).  Within a few clicks, they forgot about me and were super relaxed in front of my camera and were able to get silly and have tons of fun. I was extremely happy to capture stunning pics of them both and their two furry kids- Mia and Oli!

I personally cannot wait for their spring wedding this May and capture more beautiful memories!



[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) Engagement Photography Top Windsor Wedding Photographer Top Windsor Wedding Photography Wedding https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2015/3/sheri-dave-winter-engagement Mon, 09 Mar 2015 00:18:28 GMT
Waiting for Little Ava https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/11/waiting-for-little-ava I love when friends are having babies because I get to stretch my comfort zone and try new things that my traditional client may not have considered! Angela was just that and then some- not afraid to try anything I asked of her.. from standing to sitting than laying down, this wonderful mommy-to-be was the perfect model.

A few months back, we were planning a boudoir session but then she found out she was pregnant so we decided to show her beautiful growing belly in her maternity shot and I think she looks so stunning, patiently waiting for the save arrival of her first sweet little girl, AVA!

I had a fabulous time photographing her & partner Jaime and feel extremely honoured to have been chosen to capture this incredible milestone in both their life's!

Congrats Angie & Jaime!



[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) Baby Baby Photography Family Maternity Maternity Photography Mommy to be Photography Newborn https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/11/waiting-for-little-ava Sun, 30 Nov 2014 21:46:22 GMT
Jacqueline + Trevor Wedding https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/11/jacqueline-trevor-wedding Jacqueline and Trevor are such a wonderful couple with amazing families that know how to party! I loved capturing their wedding on a cold fall day and you could still feel the warmth from their friends, family and each other!

The entire day was spectacular- from the heart warming ceremony at Corpus Christi Church, the elegant reception at Ambassador Golf Club, the sentimental speeches, the festive sounds of the mariachi band and the non-stop dancing... it was absolutely a day to remember!

Thank you Jackie & Trevor for letting me be a part of your special day and many congratulations! I hope your happiness and love for each other keeps growing each and every day!



[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) Ambassador Golf Club Top Windsor Wedding Photographer Top Windsor Wedding Photography Vintage Wedding https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/11/jacqueline-trevor-wedding Sat, 15 Nov 2014 21:09:26 GMT
Gettin' Hitched: Violeta + Justin https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/11/gettin-hitched-violeta-justin Fall is here and I could not be more happy... I love the cool weather with the warm fall colours. When Violeta suggested going to Bob-lo Island I was super excited cause I knew we would have beautiful golden colours and to top it off that's where the couple first met!  Fast forward a couple of years later and we are back for their engagement session, both Justin and Violeta had an important role to play- to keep each other warm!

These two are so adorable, they said they were so nervous because it was their first "professional" photo session but in reality they were so relaxed in each other's arms that they forgot they were in front of the camera and had so much fun!

I personally loved this session cause I got to spend an afternoon with great clients who I am lucky to now call friends + my hubby as my assistant and scout locator :-)

I cannot wait to capture V + J summer wedding next year!




[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/11/gettin-hitched-violeta-justin Tue, 04 Nov 2014 03:56:10 GMT
Urban Surf Wedding: Danielle + Chris https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/9/urban-surf-wedding-danielle-chris Danielle and Chris’s beautiful wedding was full of sunshine and smiles. On this day I was able to capture their “first look”, ceremony and reception.

The “first look” took place at Chris’s parents’ house, which was so intimate and witness by family and very close friends. Chris’s unforgettable expressions when he saw his bride-to-be for the first time was timeless!

In the early evening we headed to the massive tent at Urban Surf which is Danielle’s and Chris’s proud and joy.  As soon as you walked into the venue, you were greeted by the rockin’ band sounds of The Walkervilles; acrobatic entertainment provided by the Sky Society duo of Acro Yoga was so mesmerizing; the beautiful little antique touches of décor provided by Rustic Charms and the wonderful aromas coming from Vito’s Pizzeria.

Congratulations Danielle and Chris, I wish you lots of sunrises and sunset paddle cruises together!




[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/9/urban-surf-wedding-danielle-chris Sat, 06 Sep 2014 14:12:35 GMT
Bryans Fitness Inferno https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/7/bryans-fitness-inferno

I met Bryan the owner of Bryan's Fitness Inferno when I joined his studio back in May. I knew I was walking into intense workouts from seeing family and friends shed tons of weight in a short amount of time- they all said it was going to be the best 45 minutes workout of my life... and boy were they right! I've tried many gyms and workouts but never have I done such insane workouts like the ones offered at the Inferno, classes like Bootcamp, Boxing, TRX, Scorch, Spinning and Spartan training. I mean when you come out of those classes you are trench in total sweat and you feel AMAZING but just wait til the following morning when you roll out of bed and you can't take a single step without your whole body aching--ouch you can't help but curse Bryan (in a good way though) for pushing you to do your best in order to see and achieve your goals!!

Bryan is a certified personal trainer specializing in boot camps and group fitness classes. His studio has been booming since he open his doors for business at 1821 Provincial Road back in June, 2011. Health and fitness have played a major role in Bryan’s life since he can recall. His life's passion is to help people feel better about themselves and to get into the best shape of their lives. You can check out his website at www.fitnessinferno.ca or like his facebook page at www.facebook.com/fitnessinferno.

Here's some of pics from our session and without further ado, meet your trainer Bryan and his great physique! :)


[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/7/bryans-fitness-inferno Sat, 19 Jul 2014 02:27:59 GMT
Aura+Luke Wedding https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/7/aura-luke-wedding Aura and Luke couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day on their wedding day.  From the beautiful ceremony at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church to the fun reception at the Fogolar Furlan Windsor, their intimate wedding showcased Aura & Luke’s love for each other, their friends and family. I felt extremely honoured to have shared this special day with you both.

Much Love and Appreciation... S :*

Many thanks to the talented team who made this wedding come to life!

Hair: Marisela Ortiz

Wedding Cake: Jennifer Trasher

Entertainment: DJ Chino

Decorations: Windsor Décor

Wedding Venue: Fogolar Furlan Windsor


[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/7/aura-luke-wedding Thu, 03 Jul 2014 21:33:09 GMT
Britanie & Shane are Expecting https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/6/britanie-shane-are-expecting There comes a time when you just seem to click with someone you just met and that's exactly what happened from the first conversation with Britanie. I was so looking forward in meeting her, Shane as well as their two girls M & J and baby C which should be arriving very soon! Since I'm all about scouting and finding new beautiful places to photograph my clients, I was all in when Britanie suggested the Belle River pier. The scenery there is so breath taking, we ended up taking some amazing shots and can't wait to go back.  I’m so looking forward to many more portraits with this young family in the near future, especially once baby C makes his world debut! Good times are in store for sure.


[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/6/britanie-shane-are-expecting Tue, 24 Jun 2014 21:58:25 GMT
Czarnecki Family https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/6/czarnecki-family One of my personal favourite session's is photographing FAMILIES! I just love to capture each person's personality as well as their connection to one other. I recently had the pleasure of spending a lovely Sunday afternoon with the Czarnecki Family.  We headed to my favourite park in LaSalle and captured some gorgeous pics- can't you just feel their love for one another!

I love my job- is super fun and I am meeting some wonderful people along the way that I am honoured to be calling friends :D


[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/6/czarnecki-family Thu, 19 Jun 2014 20:59:04 GMT
Alonso Is One https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/5/alonso-is-one When I first met Alonso, I wasn't so sure he wanted me to take his picture! Thank goodness for his big sister Paulina who was so friendly and agreed to let me take pics of her while Alonso got to know me a little better. I don't know what I would have done without my little assistant, she made my job so extremely easy. I just enjoyed seeing how easily she got her little brother to give me his genuine smiles, I specially loved when he showed me his little pearly whites! Happy 1st Birthday sweetie and hope next time we meet, you'll like me a little better!




[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/5/alonso-is-one Fri, 30 May 2014 18:28:00 GMT
Sweet Lil Antonio https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/5/sweet-lil-antonio I was super excited to meet and to capture little Antonio in his 12th day of life. Mommy, Daddy and big sis came to the studio and hung out with  me on a lovely Saturday mid-morning.

Baby Antonio was so cooperative that he slept most of the session, up until the end of the session when he woke up and I got some cute pictures of him and mommy.  I hope he wasn't too upset with me because I kept moving him from prop to prop but at the end I was thrilled to have captured his cuteness!

So everyone, please let me introduce you to sweet lil Antonio Emanuel.


[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/5/sweet-lil-antonio Mon, 19 May 2014 00:01:41 GMT
We're Getting Married- Aura & Luke https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/4/were-getting-married--aura-luke For Aura & Luke's engagement shoot we kept going back and forth with ideas for their session, then we thought, hello.. we have a CHEF in the house so why not do a cooking session with them two (..well Luke) cooking up a storm!

Well I have to say, Luke did not disappoint. He prepared this delicious salmon & shrimp pasta for his lady and I just happened to be invited to this feast as well.  Chef Sargis, my hat goes out to you... yum, yum!! 

Thanks Luke and Aura and now I cannot wait for your upcoming wedding in June!

And like the saying goes- Good Food + Good Wine + Good Friends = Good Times  ;)


[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/4/were-getting-married--aura-luke Tue, 29 Apr 2014 02:26:20 GMT
Boudoir Miss Bea https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/4/boudoir-miss-bea When Miss Bea contacted me wanting to do a boudoir session as a gift to herself & her hubby for her birthday, I was super thrilled to give her this special gift of memories.  It was so delightful to see Miss Bea take some time out of her crazy schedule to treat herself, get all glammed up and do this sexy shoot with me!

I just loved photographing her contagious smile, lingerie choices and peaceful serenity. Thank you Miss Bea, it was awesome spending time with you and celebrating your beauty.. Happy Birthday beautiful ♥

PS- I can't believe I haven't mentioned this before but I wanted to give a huge applause w/ standing ovation to all my beauties and their husbands, boyfriends, partners for allowing me to graciously post their boudoir images and share them with all of you to see!! Love you guys, THANK YOU!!

Special credits to:

Make-up Artist: Amira Jomaa, owner of Precision Hair Design

Stylist: Roxana Noade, Precision Hair Design

Location:  Waterfront Hotel Downtown Windsor, many thanks to  Elizabeth Hernandez, Senior Sales Manager, for giving us the best suite with amazing lighting ;)


[email protected] (Timeless Photography Design) https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/4/boudoir-miss-bea Fri, 11 Apr 2014 14:07:23 GMT
Little Prince Ali https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/4/littleprinceali Meet 11 day old Ali-Hessan, he came to the studio for the first of 5 sessions as part of our Baby's First Year collection: a series of three full sessions and 2 mini sessions to capture the main milestones of the baby's first year of life. Little Ali was such a sweetheart and I am super excited to capture these special moments forever!

It was a pleasure to photograph such a beautiful young couple so in love with their two princesses and now their little prince!

Congratulations Kamilia & Hessan and thank you for allowing me to give you the gift of memories!


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Ms B, Boudoir Session https://www.timelesspd.ca/blog/2014/3/ms-b-boudoir-session A boudoir session is something I highly recommend to every lady- it is an experience that you should do at least once in your lifetime! If you're considering booking a boudoir shoot, please feel free to contact me so we can talk about all the fun details that goes into this session.

Here is the stunning Miss B- we took so many beautiful shots that it was so hard to pick just a few for this blog!

Thank you gorgeous for such a fun session ;)


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